Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pilgrimage To France

Crucifix on the Coast of Normandy


As I told many of our family and friends, Karen and I, along with Karen's parents (Jim and Corene Wilson) and Whitney Robichaux, are about to embark on a great adventure to France.  The adventure is probably best described as a pilgrimage. 

Actually, the trip will be two pilgrimages in one.  First and foremost it will be a religious pilgrimage to some of the great shrines in the world (Lourdes, Never, Rue du Bac, Notre Dame in Paris) but also a pilgrimage to honor the greatest American generation and their sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy.  Both will bring a lot of emotion and maybe a few tears.

Many of you have asked to be kept posted on our progress; and with today's technology, I hope to be able to provide updates on a regular basis on this blog while we travel.

So say a prayer for our safe travels and check out this site if you are interested in our progress.

God Bless

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