Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Days and Counting

Today is probably the last day that it will be relatively quiet (at least from a "ordination" standpoint).  As usual, work is very busy, which always happens when you need to get away for a while. 

But tomorrow it really begins to pick up.  First, family will begin to arrive in the early afternoon.  Soon thereafter, Karen and I will go to the Cathedral for the ordination practice.   It will be surreal not to be getting briefed on the duties as an usher for the Mass (my job for the last few years) and actually getting ready for our own ordination.  After practice, we head home to meet up with extended family for dinner. 

Hopefully I will be able to get all of my work done at the office on Friday because the remainder of family and out of town friends begin to arrive Friday afternoon.  We will be having a small gathering at the house for dinner but hopefully it will not go very late.

Saturday morning we are to be at the Cathedral by 8:30.  The service begins at 10:30.    From there it just gets busy: from the open house, the Mass of thanksgiving on Sunday morning, a parish reception and another Mass in the evening. 

On Monday, I may need to go back into the office to finish off the last few bits of work.

On Tuesday, it is off to Israel where we will spend 10 days on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Needless to say, it is an exciting time in our lives.  It is hard to think that it is finally here; that it is really happening.

So, thanks to all for reading this blog and I hope to get back to it after we return.

As an aside, I am thinking that I will need to change the name of the blog since I guess I will no longer be considered an "apprentice".  If anybody has any ideas for a good name,  just let me know.

God Bless  


  1. So very proud of you!! Trying to deal with not beig able to be with you...never wouldhave missed it if we could help it. My back is a mess and can barely standup...and dr is back tomorrow for steve...i think they may bring him in for cath...jusr not sure when. We will keep you ppsted but enjoy your next few days much to celebrate! Love &prayers. Nancy p.s. blog name could be Deacon Mark's inspirational Remarks :-) that is how i think of it.

  2. I had the privilege of witnessing the ordination. It was a very moving and glorious event. God is made visible through the commitment and work of His servants. You are one of His good servants, Mark; and we are blessed, indeed, that you are now our deacon. We are greatly indebted to you and Karen for the sacrifices you have made these long five years just to be able to serve us in even greater ways in the coming years.

    May your trip to the Holy Land provide you much inspiration and refreshment for the service to come.

    I would recommend "Marked for Service" for the new name of the blog, if this phrase weren't so cheesy as it is.

  3. Watched the dvd... it was so wonderful to witness ...a bit late but sooooo thankful to be able to see it. So proud of you Deacon Mark!!! And proud of Karen too! <3
    Much love, Nancy