Friday, April 13, 2012

My Baby is Graduating

Later this spring my baby will graduate from the University of Georgia with a degree in Fine Arts - Painting and Drawing.  Of course, I am very proud of her and looking forward to her exit show at the beginning of May.  She is now worried about what she will do in the future (graduate school, get a job, etc.), which all young people do in these transitional periods of their lives.  Although it is not helpful to her right now, I know she will be fine as long as she is open to what God created her to do.  When she finds it, the worry will dissipate and she will let herself enjoy life. 

However, in this process of growing up, I pray is that she does not lose that child-like innocence to enjoy life and sometimes put on a funny hat for no other reason than because it is fun.  

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  1. Your daughter is an exceptional young woman, whom God has blessed with many talents and a gentle spirit. He will do great things through her.

    Congratulations M***an. Welcome to a very bright future.