Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First "Regular Season" At-Bat

I learned on Sunday evening that I will be preaching on Sunday and this is the first opportunity since the Mass of Thanksgiving on February 12th.  In many ways, I felt that was part of the honeymoon; everyone was so supportive.  But now I get my opportunity as a deacon of the Church; no more practice homilies in class, no more feedback from classmates; this one is for real (although I will rely on my wife for input). 

I began preparations on Sunday evening with a quick look at the readings for the Fifth Sunday of Lent.  It was during that process that I began to realize the gift I have been given.  By the mere fact that I was to prepare a homily, I was provided an opportunity to dive deep into scripture.  Questions like:

  • What do the Words say to me?
  • What was the perspective of the writer?
  • How does this passage differ from the other Gospels?
  • What do these Words mean to us today?
 After I went back through the readings yesterday, I unearthed more topics than I could have imagined.  The number of homilies that can be written for these Words are endless.  Each phrase has something to say to us.  I now see how it is possible to go too long; to try and say too much.  I have already focused my message to one portion of the Gospel (with a little help from the Epistle).

Even with that, there is so much to say.

So now I must put my thoughts into words; words that hopefully touch people where they are right now.  

It may not go as well as I would like (I still have a lot to learn) but I now know that this process is a gift to better understand the Words of scripture.  That, in itself, is a blessing I did not anticipate.

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