Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy TIme

I have got to finish the last bit of paperwork, etc.  before ordination.  It was more than I anticipated but necessary.  Things like:

  • Written permission for the Archdiocese to conduct another background check;
  • Review and certify completion of "Safe Environments" program ( a program to identify, prevent and report the abuse of vulnerable populations [i.e. children, etc.]);
  • Letter to the Archbishop requesting assignment to my home parish;
  • Meetings with my pastor to:
    • Develop a parish contract (i.e. what my ministerial assignments will be at the Church);
    • Coordinate the submittal of a letter from my pastor to the Archbishop requesting that I be assigned to my home parish (hope this is a gimme!);
  • Sending out tickets to the ordination (these are hard to come by);
  • Finalizing and practicing my first homily; and
  • Helping with plans for the pre-ordination family dinner, post-ordination open house and first Mass.
I know I am forgetting something

Karen and I will need to find some time to spend with our Lord.


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