Monday, October 10, 2011

The Final Stretch

The last few months have been flying by.  Ever since our class learned that the scrutiny board had approved our files in early September, we are in the final stretch before ordination.  Although, there are still a few approvals to get through, this one means that we can begin to plan for that day in February.  So now we are busy with:

  1. Selecting a class stole
  2. Ordering invitations
  3. Putting together a guest list
  4. Working with the parish to coordinate the Mass of Thanksgiving
  5. Not to mention classes in Gospels, Sacraments, Liturgy, Homiletics and Catholic Social Teaching.
I hope to have most, if not all, of this done by the last class before Thanksgiving.  That will allow each of us to truly enjoy the advent season.  But most importantly to spend a lot of time in prayer to make sure this is what we are called to do.

It will change every aspect of our lives.  Our relationships at work, home and church will be different.  I think for most of us, those changes have already begun.  It has already happened at professional meetings when colleagues, who are aware of this journey, ask about it the presence of others.  At first, the look on their faces is one of confusion; but in all cases (so far) they have been pleasantly surprised and supportive.  However, now they look at me in a different way.  The same is true at chruch and with the family.

And we must do our best to represent the Church as best we can because we are called to be a visible presence in the secular world.  A world that, quite honestly, does not understand or care.  We have the opportunity to give them an example of how a christian lives a christian life in the midst of the world.  To be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  To show the world that "true joy" can be had in this life even when life is difficult.

Please pray for us and our final discernment to this ministry of the Church. 

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