Friday, August 26, 2011

Alright it is time to quit goofing off; time to start formation classes again. This will be an interesting time because this is the beginning of the end with:

  1. Only seven more class days; and
  2. Scrutinies to be completed in September (i.e. we will find out by the end of the month if we are on track for ordination in February).
The time has flown by; I am not sure where it has all gone. All I know is that I am energized for class and looking forward to seeing my fellow brothers in formation in the morning.

God is Good.


  1. Strange how we share thoughts. I shared this series of surfing fun at school today! Loving the journey with you!

  2. Amazing! I miss being with you and your wives on this journey but I know we are both where we are supposed to be. My prayers continue for you and the Maker's Men of XII. Peace.