Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trinity Sunday and Loss of a Good Priest

The Trinity is one of those mysteries of God that is beyond comprehension; lately, I have thought about it from the perspective of community and how we can learn from it. Our being, our understanding of ourselves is so much about community that we overlook the significance of it. It, in many ways, is who we are....


I just learned about the death of a great priest. His name was Fr James Caffery, MS and he was the pastor of my parish for many years. He was a mentor, adviser, and friend. He was the first person I spoke to about the diaconate. He was very supportive but also very wise (i.e. he said to keep that thought in my mind but not now; you have a family to raise). I think the Archbishop would have agreed. We lost touch over the last few years because of Alzheimer's disease.

Fr Caf, may you rest in Gods Peace.

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