Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent and Christmas

During this year's Advent and Christmas, I have really wanted to make it special. Not only because of the lack of classes (so I can focus), or for the loss of so many loved ones this year. I really wanted to make it real in my life. So during prayer at the beginning of advent, it hit me. What if we knew, for certain, the day that Christ was coming back to us. What would we do? How would be prepare for that?

That is how I wanted to treat Advent this year. I wanted to prepare like He would dwell amongst us again and that I must prepare myself for that day. And when that day did arrive it was a day of peace; it was not dramatic, He came in like a lamb. Our lives had not suddenly been changed. So we must continue to live our lives in preparation for what is to come. Then, before you know it, it is the New Year. A time to put away last year and hope and dream for a better year to come. We can use this time to reflect on how we want to be more Christ-like during the upcoming year.

That is the beauty of the Catholic Liturgical year. Although we should always be living as though Christ will return to us at any moment, our busy lives get in the way. The Church reminds us that the Word was made flesh in the past and He will return again. It forces us to pause and remember. It allows us to reflect on how we can make next year a little better; to do our part to bring the City of God to the City of Man.

God Bless and I pray we all have a better 2011.

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