Monday, August 16, 2010

Till Death Do you Part

I read a story about life, love and death.

A bright future suddenly trust into the bitter reality of life.

A story about decisions we make on behalf of people we love and struggling with whether they are what is right or wrong.

The story begins:

Every photograph tells a story. Some, like these, tell two.

They are pictures of Jim and Trisha Duguay’s wedding day. A day 18 months in the planning, every detail seems perfect: Orange Gerber daisies float in glass bowls, a three-tiered cupcake wedding cake waits in a reception hall, bright pink rose petals dot the Dahlonega winery grounds. A ray of sunshine bursts through threatening mid-May skies just as the early evening ceremony begins.

Trisha, 27, a blond and vivacious administrative assistant, beams in her lace wedding dress with a fuchsia sash, her toenails painted to match. Jim, 38, a soft-spoken engineer, cradles her face as he kisses her.

But look closer, and you’ll see another story unfolding.

Read about Trish and Jim's story HERE.

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