Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pilgrimage to Rome Part 1

On our first day in Rome, Karen and I were walking to the Pantheon and came across a church that we were told us was a must see (St Maria supra Minerva). This church sits on the location of a former temple to the goddess Minerva. Inside is a statue, by Michelangelo, of Jesus and the cross. It is considered one of his great works. The loin cloth was a later addition (which is another story).

In the same church is a crypt for St Catherine of Siena, which is under the altar. Her remains are here as well as in Siena. Karen was happy to see her since St Catherine is her patron saint.

Just outside of the church is a monument by Bernini. Reportedly, he did not like a wealthy Roman that lived just outside of the church. Bernini situated the monument, which is of an elephant, so that this was that gentleman's view each time he left his home.

One thing I did learned in Rome; do not get on the bad side of the local artists:)

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