Thursday, July 16, 2009

Enjoying the Summer and Our Seminarians

Not much to post since I have been out of formation classes for a while.

However, the diaconate community (those in formation and those ordained) hosted a meal for the seminarians in the Archdiocese of Atlanta this week. What a wonderful sight to see. Dozens of young men at various stages of formation as priests. I am aware that there is a decrease in vocations across the country but something special is going on in North Georgia. IMHO, its not due to any particular attitude or inclination towards the Church as I have heard some suggest. These young men are coming from backgrounds as varied as one can imagine. They come from very traditional backgrounds to men who grew up with the Life Teen movement. They come from places as varied as Vietnam and Central America, but a majority are homegrown Georgians. One young man at the dinner had only been in the program for two days.

In North Georgia, there is a place where one can see all of these varied groups represented at one time. That one place is the Eucharistic Congress. It is a beautiful setting to see the wonderful tapestry that is our Catholic faith. Could this be the power that is the source of our vocations?

I like to think so.

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