Sunday, March 1, 2009


We had a fascinating class in Patristics yesterday (and we did not talk about the Church Fathers). Fr John brought in two Icons from his Church (St Johns Malachite) in Atlanta. The entire discussion was on the History of Icons, and the Liturgy of the Icon. Some interesting facts include:

  1. The first Icon was made by Christ during his passion (image on Veronica's cloth);
  2. Veronica's name means "true image"
  3. Icons are not painted but written (tells a story);
  4. All aspects of an Icon has meaning (colors, etc.)
  5. Red represents divinity, blue humanity,
  6. The Virgin is never alone in an Icon (she always points to Christ)
  7. Christ is always spelling his name with his right hand and hold scripture with the other.
Today is an important day in the eastern churches because today they remember the heresy against Icons (Iconoclasm) in the 6th Century lead by Emperor Leo III.

There are many artists who draw icon type figures but they are not true Icons. For example, in an Icon Christ is always dressed in a red tunic and a blue cover (Jesus' nature is divine and He put on humanity). Icons of the Virgin are the opposite with blue tunic and red cover (Her human nature, which became divine).

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