Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CANCER: These dreaded words pierce the hearts of people on a daily basis. The shock is more profound because we think that this happens to other people.

This news has now been heard by a dear friend, mentor and spiritual director. He is a man of great energy and insight. I knew something was up because he missed my institution as a Reader and when he said Mass on Ash Wednesday. He was not himself and it was clear his heart was pointed inward. At Mass on Sunday, he announced to the laity that he had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. There was a collective sigh in the room. After Mass, many people stayed in the church in silent prayer.

This Lent will have a new meaning. To learn more about empathy and how to minister to those around you who your need prayers and support. Especially those who we have leaned on in the past. Its time to return the favor.

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